March 6, 2013

Felted Topper with Pups (Caroline, Craig, Winnie and Jemma)

Custom wedding topper

Ever since I blogged about my C+J topper, I received a lot of interest from all over the world.  So it's really quite amazing now that I'm making custom toppers for people from across the country and the world!  Doing custom projects are a wonderful contrast to my day job.  As an industrial designer, I work on consumer products that are mass produced and are sometimes quite technical.  These toppers allow me to work on more handmade, custom products that will hopefully become lasting keepsakes for couples of their special day.  Also, needle felting is truly a labour of love that takes time and patience.  The fact that people are interested in my work and recognize the time and effort that is put into each topper is a true testament to the growing handmade craft movement.  Also, many of my customers tell me that after all the wedding dust has settled, the topper is a perfect memento that is all the more special because it was made only for them.

I've got several toppers on the go right now but I wanted to share one that I did recently.  See more after the jump!

Needle felted topper
Hi Craig and Caroline!

Caroline and Craig, a lovely couple from Texas, requested to have their two adorable dogs (Winnie and Jemma) included in the topper.  Having never needle felted dogs before, it was definitely a fun challenge.  I started with the basic wire skeleton and felted their bodies gradually.  I think they turned out pretty well and I especially love their floppy ears.  Due to their wire skeletons, I was able to pose the dogs exactly how I wanted.

Needle felted dogs
Arf! Arf! Dogs Winnie and Jemma

I also wanted to share a closeup of Caroline's hair curls.  That was actually really fun to do, like styling a barbie doll.  Let's just say a chopstick was involved!

Needle felted hair

Look at the happy family!

I've also start working on new needle felted "characters" other than wedding couples that I am excited to eventually show you.  Which leads me to ask:

What characters, animals or objects do you think should be made in "true unadulterated needle felted form" (said in a booming announcer voice in flashing font)?

Feel free to leave your comments because I really love hearing from all of you!   


  1. How can I order one?? Adorable!!

  2. i absolutely love the look and feel of these. you should try making some disney princesses!


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