November 1, 2012

Autumn Cake Topper

Now that we're in the thick of autumn (with pumpkin beer, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin Pringles (!)) I thought I'd share a custom fall themed wedding topper that I made.  This one was over the top detailed and personalized, right down to the pattern on the groom's tie.  I had a lot of information to work with, such as the groom's custom suit with paisley tie and the bride's dress with flower details, so it was fun to incorporate as much as I could.  Working with polymer clay is always fun and allows me to sculpt and re-sculpt however I want.

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The faces were the hardest part and therefore the last stage of the project.  I had several sketches for the faces and in particular the eyes.  So I printed several concepts of eyes and placed them onto the faces for a better visual.  It was very helpful in ensuring that I didn't make the eyes too big and therefore too alien like.  


For even more personalization,  the couple's favourite snacks (Doritos and Smartfood) were included at the bottom of the base.  Other little details included acorns and leaves.  Believe it or not, the funnest part of this project was making all the miniature items like the flowers, chip bags and acorns.  Anything miniature is adorable!  I would have made mini squirrels, mini kittens and mini gnomes if I could!  In fact, maybe I should make a gnome cake topper.  Any takers??

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  1. Beautiful Cake and Awesome designs!! Superb nice post. Really very impressive post i love to see this post.


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