August 10, 2011

Wedding Topper (Jackie and Lorne)

One of my best friends (J) got married and I was given the honour of making the wedding topper. This was based on her expectation that I would just make simple wooden figurines. But as you'll learn I don't like doing the same thing twice and I like to make things difficult and complicated. To me, a new project is a chance to learn something entirely new and challenging. So I decided to make the wedding topper out of polymer clay (i.e. Fimo, the stuff that kids use to make ugly brooches that moms are obliged to wear to work).

I decided to base the topper on one of J and L's engagement pictures. I thought that this picture represented exactly the kind of fun people they are...and why I would never pick a fight with J.

source: Definition Photography
So I did some research on working with polymer clay and found the most informative step by step breakdown at: I went to my arts supply store and stocked up on little bricks of Sculpey.  Full process after the jump.

I started with a wire and aluminum foil structure to figure out proportions and composition. I attached J onto a board so that it would be easier to work and bake.

Then I started sculpting the polymer clay. I started with actual sculpting tools but then ended up using a nail file and an ear wax picker instead (yeah you heard me). They were just better to use for fine details. The faces took foooorrrever!! I must have redone their heads at least three times. Here's a picture of J watching L do the russian dance and some closeups of the faces.

It also took me awhile to do L's tux. I rolled out the black clay and cut out patterns like you would when making real clothes. The last sculpting touch was J's hair which was a breeze compared to everything else.

And at 1 o'clock on the night before the wedding I painted their faces with a brush with 3 strands of hair.

Here is the completed topper:


Unique wedding topper

P.S. If you liked this post, check out my other custom wedding topper.  This time I tried felting with adorable results!

Sneak peak!

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  1. oh my gawsh! well isn't this the beezneez! u should start ur own buzz, i mean bizz! >_< ! LOLLLLLLZZZ


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