September 12, 2011

Felted Wedding Topper (Jenn and Chris)

After the success of J+L's wedding topper, another friend asked me to do their wedding cake topper.  Jenn and Chris gave me complete creative freedom with the only requirement that I use their signature pose: the high five jump.  Chris and Jenn love anything quirky and cute so I knew that I would have fun creating personalized characters.  I also wanted to create soft figures and decided to try needle felting.

Needle felting is pretty much sculpting with wool and it is a breeze to learn.  All you need is some wool roving and a special barbed felting needle.  Then you stab the needle into the wool to create a denser shape.  Since it was my first time, I wanted my shapes to be perfect so instead of stabbing quickly into the wool, I more so poked cautiously - I'm such a risk-taker.

Wool roving was also really fun to work with.  It's like working with a cloud!  The roving that I had was pink and looked just like cotton candy.  But since the colour was too pink and not enough flesh toned, I had to hand dye it with tea.  For future reference, leaving wool roving in tea too long looks like its been marinated in dirt.

Felted Body
Before Jenn met Chris

For Jenn and Chris' wardrobe, I had originally sewed each outfit.  Jenn's wedding dress turned out nicely but Chris' tuxedo hid his nubbly figure.  I wanted to showcase at least one of their cute bodies so I ended up felting Chris' tuxedo with black wool roving.

Felted Bodies
Chris and Jenn owning their figures

I made sure that every element was custom made from the hand painted eyes to the wooden base.  It was also important to have wire skeleton structures so I was able to tweak their limbs to the right pose.  Added bonus, they can be moved to create different poses!  So if their arms get tired, they can just hold hands.

This was a super fun project and as they continued to take form, they just got cuter and cuter!  So cute, I was actually sad to see them placing them on top of the macaron tower was bittersweet.

But I hope that they now enjoy their new home, just like the newlyweds!

Felted Cake Topper

If you liked this topper, take a gander at another one I did recently! 


  1. These are absolutely adorable.

  2. Thank you! They were also very fun to squish!

  3. I am so impressed by this. I can't believe they turned out so amazing the first time around. Nice work!

  4. Hi Kare! Do you make these to sell? Any chance you would make some for me?? I think they are AMAZING! How much would a pair of these cost? Let me know if it's possible - email me at! Thanks! Kristi

  5. Hi Kristi! I definitely do custom orders! I just sent you an email with more details.

  6. Hi Kare! I LOVE these so much and have been thinking for a while about trying to make some for me... but I just don't think I have the time or skill to produce anything even close to these! If you still do custom orders then I'd be really interested to find out any more details - my email is Thanks! Lucy

  7. Hi!

    I'd like to receive an email about a custom order as well! They are so cute!

    If you have time, please email me at:


  8. I'd love info about custom orders, too! If you still do them, please email me at

  9. I have a wedding on 9-8-2012, could these be made by then? Please email me allymis1 at gmail dot com.

  10. do you still do custom orders? i would love to know more details! please email me if you do, thanks!


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