December 14, 2011

Laptop Sleeve

After 7 tumultuous years, I finally ended my relationship with my laptop.  I really should not have let it go on for so long.  Especially when the power jack started looking more like an asteroid crater than a functioning connection.

So enter my new love: the 17” Macbook Pro.  Like all big purchases, it needed to be accessorized.  Just like when I first bought my bike, I dressed it up real nice with pretty lights, a rear collapsible basket and a Sumowrestler bike horn.

The first most important thing was to make a laptop case to protect my laptop from all the harsh realities of the world.  I wanted it to be easy to slip over my laptop and stay secure.  It also had to have lots of padding for the occasional bump.  Lastly, I wanted it to look nice and colourful.  Now I haven't sewn anything in a really long time and my skills are very limited to lines and really slight curves.  So thank goodness laptops are rectangular and not heart shaped.  Check out my easy breezy tutorial!

Keep reading for the tutorial...

First measure the important dimensions of your laptop: width (W), depth (D) and height (H).

Materials needed:
- Fleece for lining
- 2 of your favourite fabrics
- Ruler
- Sharp scissors
- 3 Velcro patches

Now it's time to cut your pieces.  There are a total 8 pieces.  The seam allowance is 0.5".

Sew pieces together as shown.

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